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Alison Brie Kicks a Freestyle

Because, naturally.

After flexing her freestyle rapping abilities at L.A.'s Viper Room last week, Mad Men's Alison Brie becomes the latest in a series of horribly misguided Hollywood actresses to decide that it would be a terrific idea to grab the mic and spit some verses—like, on stage, in front of other human beings.

Just kidding! Honestly this is good fun. Plus, once you get past the initial third-party embarrassment, Brie seems incredibly brave and badass for doing this. Below, clips of other leading ladies who flip rhymes like weight.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz

Let's never speak of this again, shall we?

Natalie Portman

The little girl from The Professional is all growned up! And she is hard-fucking-core in this incredible SNL digital short.

Amanda Seyfried

Scroll to 00:50 to find out why we don't watch Ellen (and why we will never feel the same about Dr. Dre, "California Love," or oversized frog costumes).

Anne Hathaway

We can only imagine that this video made the real Lil Wayne shit himself. And maybe not in a "I laughed so hard I shit my pants" kind of way.

Amy Poehler (with Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan)

Could this Mean Girls trio be any more charming in their hoodies? (Side note: Liz Lemon, you can beatbox for us anytime you want)

Eva Longoria

This promo video from the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards features host Eva Longoria performing an original rap song. Do not get between a Desperate Housewife and her French toast, yo.


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