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Are You The Worst Rapper In The World?

Or is one of your friends? We want to know about it!

We recently discovered this YouTube video from last year, whose bold claim is that its subject is, in fact, the worst rapper that you have ever heard.

And in fairness...yes. This is shite. Utter, utter shite. But the worst? That's a bold claim. There are just so, so, so many terrible would-be rappers on YouTube - how would you even begin to find the objectively most talentless in a veritable ocean of awful? Weirdly enough, Britain alone lays claim to more bad rappers than you could shake a stale crumpet at. Just take a look at these clueless cave-goblins:


Or this brain-addled fuckwit, who's obviously on so much ecstasy he can barely even stop himself from chewing his own face inside out:


And then there's "DJ Smile," who is pretty much every person you've ever hoped doesn't sit next to you on the bus:


So many bad rappers, you guys. But are there worse ones? Do you know someone who sucks worse? Do you suck worse? If so, we want to know about it! Send links to your videos to with "Shit Rappers" in the subject for the chance to win absolutely nothing but our collective embarrassment at you or your buddy's awfulness when we put them on


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