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Ask Maxim: Boob Swapping, Sunshine Bombs, and Unplugging the Internet

Answering all the questions you never knew you had (and some you did).

Could a woman have real breasts from another person grafted on?
-Frank Novak
Yes, but it's healthier to explore other jiggly options. "When you transplant tissue from a donor, the recipient takes medications that suppress the immune system, to prevent rejection of tissue your body may perceive as foreign," explains Umang Mehta, M.D., a San Francisco-area plastic surgeon. "The risks, like increased infections, outweigh the benefits of transplanting breast tissue." Plus, "They're silicone" sounds better than "They're Grandma's."

What would happen if we launched nuclear bombs into the sun?
-Christian Szabo
"Nothing, since the sun's heat would vaporize them before they could reach it," says Jose Lopez, assistant physics professor at Seton Hall University. "Their impact would be similar to a few thousand raindrops falling into the ocean." Raindrops that would turn sea turtles into fire-breathing monsters, that is.

Is it possible to unplug the whole Internet?
-James Sutton
To the chagrin of the typewriter industry, no. At least not without the cooperation of every single Internet user. "The Web is composed of about 75 million network nodes, so even if you crippled a million nodes, that's less than two percent," says Gregory Dawson, assistant professor of information systems at Arizona State University. 

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