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Ask Maxim: Envelope Licking, Gut Barfing, and Paying For 3-D Movies

Answering all the questions you never knew you had (and some you did).

Illustrated for Maxim by Lars Leetaru | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Can you catch a disease from a licked envelope?
—Pete Sadoff

Put it this way: Any mail marked "bird flu, special delivery!" should be returned to sender. Although cold and flu viruses only survive between a few minutes and two days, sealing them in glue can extend their lives. “DNA and germs can last decades on licked envelopes,” says Charles E. Crutchfield, medical director at the University of Minnesota Medical School. So think twice about using your tongue as a letter opener.

Illustrated for Maxim by Lars Leetaru | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Is it possible to literally puke your guts out?
—Natalie Kersten

“Usually you only puke out bile and recently ingested food,” says Richard Desi, M.D., gastroenterologist at Mercy Medical Center. “During severe episodes, you may notice what looks like tissue in your barf,” he adds. “But that’s just the inside lining of your intestines being constantly shed and replaced.” Gross! Makes us wanna barf our guts out.

Illustrated for Maxim by Lars Leetaru | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Why do I have to pay $5 more to see a 3D movie?
—Martin Clark

Jason Lewin, director of marketing for American Paper Optics, blames the projector: “The eyes must see two different images—one for the right and one for the left. So theaters have to spend money on digital projectors and a lens that then splits the screen for 3D viewing.” Now if he can explain why movie theater popcorn costs $25...

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