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Ask Maxim: Why Do Dogs Hump People's Legs?

We answer that and more!

Why do dogs hump people’s legs?
Brian Lumb

“Dogs do it because it’s fun,” says dog trainer Jonathan Klein. “Puppies even hump toys and other puppies.” While it may be practice for future sexual encounters, some dogs keep humping even after being neutered (which helps explain why 72-year-old Fred Willard was busted allegedly with his wang out in a porn theater). “It’s partly instinctual, but a lot of it is just playful and experimental,” says Klein.

Why do turds float?
Ross Magnan
Jonathan Schreiber, M.D., a gastroenterologist in Baltimore, explains that floaters are more common than divers because bacteria in your colon break down food during digestion, creating a variety of gases, including methane. What doesn’t escape as farts goes into your poop. Science!

Why do mosquitoes bite some people more than others?
Fred Arnold
“Mosquitoes need the steroids, B vitamins, and hormones in your blood to develop fertile eggs,” says Jerry F. Butler, Ph.D., at the University of Florida. “They can actually sense who has more of the goods, and those people are always the first victims.”

18.5 Billion = Number of sliders sold by White Castle (as of June 2012) since it opened shop in 1921. All 18 billion equal about 17 Quarter Pounders.

44% Women ages 25–50 who prefer reading erotic tales to having actual sex. Yes, you can be cock-blocked by a book.

40 minutes, 59 seconds = How long a man went without blinking in an Australian staring competition.

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