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Ask Sheik! The World’s Greatest Advice Column [3/31/14]

Every week, we’re giving you the opportunity to ask the legend that is The Iron Sheik for his advice. Girl trouble? Job trouble? Someone attacking you with a steel chair trouble? He has answers for everything! You may not like his answers, but he has them…

All answers appear unedited exactly as given by the Sheik, so if you have issues with some of the spelling, take it up with him. WE DARE YOU.

If I keep having trouble finding a job, how should I handle it, the Sheiky Baby way?
- @ChristopherJRM 

Bubba. Wrestling only job I have. I tell you best you become man prostitute you do good if you not fucking jabroni 

My good friend has been a big time jabroni lately. How should I handle it?

- @JVA222  

Fuck your friend. You see him you let him know he fucked with wrong person. You suplex him on his fucking head than he wake the fuck up.

Who is the 2nd greatest athlete in Iranian history?

The Reza Takhti greatest. You don't know him you go to internet you see he like Michael Jordan. I love him forever

I have an idiot coworker who is awful at his job. Should I confront him about it or just leave him alone?

You be the teacher. You train him you help him that way he don't fuck with you. 

What's the best cold beer out there?
Jeff Irwin

I love the Canadian beer the Heineken the beck and the German beer. Always ice cold or go fuck yourself. 

I have no problem meeting women and they seem to enjoy my company. But I'm always too scared to take it to the next level, any advice with fear of rejection?
Michael Edward

You want to be world champion main event hall of fame????? YOU FUCKING SCARED JABRONI?? You have to be man not raisin balls. You tell them you are the real and you mean it. Otherwise take a fucking walk. 

I heard no real wrestler uses the camel clutch anymore. Rick Flair's figure four leg lock is where it's at. Is that true?
-Tbone N Mita

Nobody do camel clutch because they never do like the legend. They never be like Iron Sheik. Only one Jesus one Mike Tyson one Camel Clutch. They only do the move for the respect. That way they know I am the real. 

Who, in your opinion, is the Greatest wrestler of all time?
Patrick Robinson

Don't insult me bubba. I am greatest wrestler ever. I now show the world why with my movie you see why nobody fuck with me. Have a good day and go FUCK YOURSELF.


Got a question for the Sheik? Leave it in the comments below! You can get more of The Iron Sheik’s words of wisdom on Twitter and Instagram.

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