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Ask Sheik! The World’s Greatest Advice Column [4/21/14]

Every week, we’re giving you the opportunity to ask the legend that is The Iron Sheik for his advice. Girl trouble? Job trouble? Someone attacking you with a steel chair trouble? He has answers for everything! You may not like his answers, but he has them…

All answers appear unedited exactly as given by the Sheik, so if you have issues with some of the spelling, take it up with him. WE DARE YOU.

Is Brian Scalabrine the greatest basketball player of all time?
- Clyde Himura

The Brian Scala whatever the fuck you call him never be the best only the best ginger fuck face. Still I respect he never be like that cock sucker Andy Dalton

Did hacksaw Jim Duggan actually use a 2x4 and what kind of wood did he use?
- Small Fry

Hacksaw tough without his wood. I break that fucking wood break his fucking back and the jabroni stick
What do you think of the current state of affairs here in America, Iron Sheik?
- Jenn Isaacs

I love the America. I love the American people. They all respect the legend. They all help the legend be the real.
Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? 
- Victor Arteaga

How do you feel about Colin Cowherd badmouthing wrestling fans? 
- Erich Pilcher
Fuck him. I break his cow mouth break his cow mom

What do I get my husband for our 10th wedding anniversary? He's a fan of yours!
- Cat
Cold beer and the sex. What the fuck else you think he need?

If you were in Game of Thrones who would you beat the shit out of and who would you form alliances with?
- Captain Spite
All them if they fuck with me. They are not the fucking He Man or the gargamel from the Smurf. They are the jabroni raisin balls

Got a question for the Sheik? Leave it in the comments below! You can get more of The Iron Sheik’s words of wisdom on Twitter and Instagram.

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