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Baboons: Officially The Worst Neighbors Ever

They’re here to raid your fridge and poop on your carpet.

You know that feeling when you leave the house, realize you may have left the window open, and then have an internal debate about whether to immediately go home and close it or just let it be, because, really, what are the chances of someone breaking in? Let this video of baboons climbing through a cracked window in Betty’s Bay, South Africa, answer that question for you.

Howard Fyvie and Kyle Peters recorded this video of what looks like no less than five baboons (or as they refer to them, “haters”) completely ransacking their neighbor’s house. They raid the kitchen, smear poop all over the carpet, and eat several hand towels before Kyle and Peter manage to shoo them away. Taking a look at all the damage, though – and imagining the stench in that house – we’re guessing the owners would have preferred if someone had just stolen the TV.

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