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Badass About To Run 9th Marathon...At 101-Years-Old

Considering the majority of Maxim staffers are incapable of running to the bathroom without getting out of breath and/or peeing themselves, we have a grudging respect for those that manage to run the marathon. We're not saying we understand why the hell they put themselves through it, but we admire the dedication, the stamina and, yes, the toned, shapely thighs of the long distance runner. And we're especially impressed by British dude Fauja Singh, who's about to run his 9th marathon five weeks before his birthday. His 102nd birthday. This is a feat of badassery that's only enhanced by his impressive facial hair and the distinctive headgear that's earned him the nickname, "The Turban Tornado." Having run his first marathon at age 89, he's not planning on stopping altogether, claiming that he still plans on running for around four hours a day.


Photo by ARIF ALI


Mr. Singh, we would like to proudly admit you into Maxim's unofficial "Hall Of Badass Old People." There, you will join the hallowed ranks of those such as fellow Brit Buster Martin, the 100-year-old who saw off a gang of teenage assailants with his Kung Fu moves. Or how about 72-year-old Bill Barnes, who beat the crap out of a would-be pickpocket? Or this 70-year old Subway worker who foiled a robbery with a skillet and a chair? What we're saying here is, don't fuck with old people. Because not only are they more experienced than you, but it turns out, most of them are in better shape, too.


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