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Bam Margera's Guide To April Fooling

Who Gets The Last Laugh's professional jokester on how to pull the perfect prank.

Find A Fool
“Rob Drydek was on Punk’d, and he totally caught on right away—he just looked around the environment and realized that something was fishy, so you have to find one of your most gullible friends who wouldn’t think twice about getting pranked. Also, someone who would react to the fullest extent. One of your older relatives, your grandmom or grandpop, is always a good culprit.”

Prey on Their Insecurities
“Know what the prankee is into. Do a little a research on what his hobbies are, what he likes and dislikes. Like an idiot, I told Jackass that I’m terrified of snakes and that I don’t want to work with them. All that said was basically: ‘Let’s use snakes to fuck with Bam.’ So of course, they had me fall into a pit of snakes that I couldn’t get out of. That was one of the most terrifying things ever.”

Do Your Prep Work
“When my mom checked into the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, all the furniture was tipped over and a vase was broken. Then all of a sudden, this gorilla comes out. It was Chris Pontius in a gorilla outfit, but a gorilla trainer had trained him for a full day on how to move so it would look as real as it could be. My mom was terrified and I think my dad actually shit himself.”

Sometimes, Simple is Better
“Lately I’ve been doing this thing where I just scare the hell out of somebody. Like, I would find out the route home from work of whatever friend I wanted to prank, and then have my girlfriend just standing in the woods, staring at the car with some weird-looking white Victorian dress. If you have a young daughter, that’s even creepier—a little girl staring at you in the woods when you’re driving home in the dark? People really get scared over that.”

Be Cool
“Don’t overreact. Act just as confused as the person that your pulling the prank on.”

Make Them Laugh, Not Cry
“The worst prank pulled on me that did not go well was when Johnny Knoxville put an inflatable raft in my Lamborghini. When I got into the car, he pulled his trigger and the raft blew up instantly — it popped the front window out, the side windows out, and it bent the frame on the Lamborghini. I was so pissed about it that they had to rent me a Bentley until it got fixed, and it cost a shit-ton of money for them to repair. So that’s the official definition of a prank gone bad: I was so bummed out about it that it wasn’t funny and it was very expensive.”

Check out Bam, and a slew of other hilarious jokesters, on the new celebrity prank show, Who Gets the Last Laugh, premiering April 16 at 10/9c on TBS.

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