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Belligerent Canadians Arrested for Smoking on an Airplane

It's the first time Canucks have ever been belligerent. Or arrested.

According to Gawker, a family of Canadians was arrested on a flight from Halifax to the Dominican Republic after they began smoking cigarettes aboard the plane, despite the fact that smoking on airplanes has been illegal for several decades, and everybody knows it. But the best part of this story is how defiant they were when stunned flight attendants confronted them, prompting 54-year-old smoking dad David MacNeil to exclaim,"You fucking asshole, I just pissed on the floor!"

Um, what? Who do these guys think they are, Americans?! The whole world knows that that sort of entitled, dickish approach to life is totally our thing, and we can't help feeling a little bit miffed that these brash Canucks are trying to take that away from us. Not cool, guys. I mean, seriously, do you see us running around saying "aboot" and "eh" and speaking in French and shit? NO, because that's your thing, and we're happy to let you have it.

Anyway, in the end, the flight had to be diverted, and MacNeil and his wife were arrested and charged with the Canadian equivalent of disorderly conduct ("Being a meanie"), which carries a penalty of $500 OR 10 days in prison. (Like all crimes there, apparently you get to choose your own punishment.) Their son was also implicated, but later denied any wrongdoing and was released.

According to a Sunwing spokesperson, the airline intends to sue the family for damages of up to $50K—or roughly 15 bucks in real money.

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