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Best Post-Hurricane Internet Memes

Another natural disaster, another opportunity to deplete our dwindling battery power by surfing the wasteland that is The Internet.

Photo by Nana Gouvêa via Gawker

Natural Disaster Glamour Shots
If you’re like Nana Gouvêa (pictured above), when a colossal natural disaster hits, your first thought is, “OMG, photo opp!” The wannabe model/actress took the storm as an opportunity to pose for a bunch of awkward glamour shots against the backdrop of a ravaged post-hurricane New York. Not surprisingly, the photos went viral, and sparked a meme in which Nana is superimposed onto images of other devastation scenes, including the sinking of the Titanic.

Fake Twitter Accounts
@RomneyStormTips, which has since been disabled, offered useful advice courtesy of some Internet creep posing as the GOP presidential nominee, with such gems as: "Everyone in the path of the hurricane should head to their second or third homes for safety." Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Obama-haters launched @ObamaStormTips, posting crucial messages like, "Nobody worry about your business being flooded, after all you didn't build it anyway." And because every inanimate object must have its own fake Twitter feed or the Internet will cease to exist, @AHurricaneSandy (and several variations thereof) generated a collective 1 zillion followers (give or take). So just in case living in subhuman conditions with no end in sight didn’t already make me want to kill myself, that would.

Eli Manning Looking at Things
When the Twitterverse got ahold of this photo of the Giants quarterback, which shows him snapping a pic of the flooding in his own apartment building in Hoboken, Eli Manning Looking at Things was born. As usual, the Tumblr is basically just a series of other famous images, with Eli Photoshopped into the background. But honestly guys, as a Giants fan, as far as I’m concerned Eli can look at whatever the fuck he wants to, as long as the only thing he’s looking at in the fourth quarter on Sunday is Victor Cruz.

Jazz Hands!
Just before the East River swallowed my neighborhood whole, we were watching Mayor Bloomberg's press conference on NY1, and couldn't help but notice the sign language interpreter to his right, who seemed unusually...animated. Then the power went out, and we spent the next three days trying to decide which of my neighbors to cook and eat if shit got really desperate. Anyway, while we were busy acting out scenes from the real-life Blair Witch Project, people who still had electricity were turning this woman into a victim of the Internet. Lydia Callis and her now-famous sign language skills round out our list of the best post-Hurricane Sandy memes. Watch the Huffington Post's video mashup below.



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