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Big Boi Reads "The Grinch"

If you haven't seen this video of OutKast's Big Boi (AKA Daddy Fat Sacks, AKA Sir Ludicrous Left Foot) cheerily reading Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas, stop what you're doing, pour yourself some eggnog, light a fat cigar, and watch. We're not sure if it's the brilliant strangeness of the video or just how fucking happy Big Boi seems to be doing this, but this has warmed the cockles of our dumb, boozy hearts this festive season.




The thing is, though, what now? How are we going to top this next year? Here are our top 3 suggestions:


3 - William Shatner does a dramatic reading of Deck the Halls, complete with tuxedo and cigarette. "Deck...the halls...withboughsof... ... ...holly. Fa. Lalalala. La. La."


2 - Bruce Campbell reads the Nativity. In an ideal world, he'd add a whole scene where he plays the innkeeper that refuses to give Joseph and Mary a room, and comedy gold would ensue.


1 - Hulk Hogan reads the entirety of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. He'd probably struggle with some of the bigger words (and maybe have to take a 20 minute break at some point to make another sex tape), but dude, he would crush the voice of The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come. "Ebeneeezer! What are you gonna do, brother, when your uncharitable, materialistic ways run wild on YOU?"


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