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Bigfoot Hunter Claims To Have Killed Legendary Beast

And wants to travel the country with its corpse to prove it, naturally.

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Real-life Bigfoot hunter Rick Dyer has been on the search for the monstrous hairy beast for years, apparently catching and killing it back in September of 2012 in San Antonio, TX. Naturally, much skepticism surrounded the camo-wearing Sasquatch hunter, who claimed to have lured the gigantic creature to a secluded part of a Texas woods with $200 worth of Wal-Mart ribs. Despite the incessant bashings from the public - can you really trust a guy who's dedicated his life to hunting down a mythical creature? - Dyer stuck to his guns, offering a detailed account of the shooting along with this grainy-as-fuck YouTube video that no one cared about.

Now, more than a year later, Dyer has come out of the woodwork to show off some photos of the dead beast to prove himself. The best part? He's also vowed to tour the country with his prized cadaver because, what else would you do with a monster's corpse, right? After hanging out with the stars of Finding Bigfoot ourselves and analyzing other similarly suspect and grainy videos, we still find this whole thing hard to believe. And if you're willing to pay the "small fee" this jackass is asking to see it in person, we're sorry that you're a total idiot.

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