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Bigfoot: Real or Fake?

On the anniversary of the notoriously blurry film that started it all, it's time to go squatchin'.

Photo: Grambo Grambo / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

A blurry 17 second video of what looks to be an incredibly short dude dressed up in a Furry costume made modern legends out of Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, two friends who claimed they found a real-life monster. Lovingly deemed Patty, and later Bigfoot to alleviate those pesky gender roles, the hairy creature quickly became a bigger celebrity than most B-list actors, and continues to gain attention 45 years after making its first big-screen debut.

While serious debates have ensued over whether or not the creature is in fact real – you know, the kind where tables are flipped and then people’s faces are bashed into them – members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization are trying to end the deliberation by personally searching for the truth on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot. The incredibly enthusiastic members travel around the world catering to claims of Bigfoot mating calls and apparent sightings, both of which could be credited to house cats and that weird neighbor you live next door to.

So the question remains: Is it a hoax? Is it real? Or can we blame the “justified” investigations and “legitimate” findings on cognitive dissonance, whatever the fuck that means? Make up your own mind with the original footage that spawned endless fanclubs and fetishes (and by "make up your own mind" we mean if you actually think there is a deformative beast roaming the country that doesn't fall under the "politician" category, you've never left the rock you clearly live under):