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BoooTube: Home of the Worst Videos on the Internet

It’s your one-stop-shop for clips that are so bad, they’re good.

Gather round, children, for you are about the witness the worst moments in the history of Internet videos — presented by BoooTube, home of the most down-voted clips on YouTube. Using an algorithm that measures the number of "dislikes" vs. "likes" a vid gets, the site aggregates the worst of the bunch and keeps them nice and tidy on their home page. Currently, the most despised video is this ball of enthusiasm talking about atheism, but scroll through for other terrible clips that will make you want to claw your eyes out. 

You can also use the search function to find atrocities in various categories. Here's the best of the worst that we discovered:

Worst Baby Video:

Worst Dog Video:

Worst Singing Video:

Worst Fail Video:

Worst Tutorial Video:

Worst Boobs Video:

Worst Penis Video:

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