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Boys Do Cry

President Obama isn't the only tough guy who occasionally turns on the waterworks.

While thanking young staffers at his campaign headquarters in Chicago yesterday, newly reelected President Obama teared up a bit. It is important to realize, though, that the leader of the free world isn't the first powerful man to cry. Here are four of our favorite moments featuring tough guys who bawl…and one who never will.

Robert DeNiro in Goodfellas


Jimmy Conway—one of the toughest crooks out there—finds out that his dear friend Tommy was just whacked. It's the saddest thing to happen in a phone booth since we lost a dime in 1987.

Harvey Keitel in Bad Lieutenant

He's called "bad lieutenant" for a reason (think drugs, gambling, and sexual deviancy), so he goes to church to atone for his many, many, many sins.

Sylvester Stallone in Rocky III

Rocky watches his trainer/mentor/elocution coach Mickey die right in front of him.

Brett Favre retires

It's very emotional, so please disregard the fact that Favre came back and played for two more seasons after this.

Arnold Schwartezeggar in Terminator 2

Thank the Lord, there's at least one tough guy who will never cry…

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