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Celebrities Talking About Poop

Everyone needs to cut the crap.

Cameron Diaz

On a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Maxim cover girl Cameron Diaz explained that she drinks a shitload of water in the morning in order to make a nice, healthy splash later. Then they went over poo shapes and even picked out which one was Cameron's usual! 

Nick Kroll
A few different coffee blends + a fruit smoothie + a busy day + a car in Los Angeles traffic = a literal dump truck. Thanks for sharing, Nick! 

Al Roker

America's favorite weather forecaster was a presidential poopypants at the White House and lived to tell about it. Still our hero, Al. 

Chelsea Handler

While trying to get guest Adam Scott to talk about pants-shitting on Chelsea Lately, the host ended up telling the audience that she shit hers in a canoe. Or should we say, a ca-poo?

Mila Kunis

All this interviewer wanted to do was talk about Mila picking up crap. And Mila was a true camper and brutally honest about it. Which is why she's always at the top of our list. Interviewer, you're at the bottom

Jennifer Lawrence

In the most subtle Jennifer Lawrence-y way, she confessed to Dave that she crapped her pants several times before finally going to the doctor about it. Then she weirded him out with her anesthesia memories. 

Amy Sedaris

Though not technically people feces, this was pretty disgusting. Now we know gross crafts for our kids. This makes us want to vom more than the actual human poop stories!

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