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Celebrity Quiz: Dead or Just Forgotten?

Ever have those moments of, "Hey, whatever happened to....?" Us too! Let's find out who's still around and who kicked the bucket with a game we're calling "Dead or Just Forgotten?" Scroll through the celebs of yesteryear and guess on your own, then go to page two for the answers!

Photo: iStockphoto | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014

1. Ann B. Davis


2. Morley Safer


3. Phil Donahue


4. Dixie Carter


5. Jeff Conaway


6. Conrad Bain


7. Sally Jessy Raphael


8. Darren McGavin


9. Gene Wilder


10. Charlotte Rae


11. Jeffrey Jones


12. Ted Knight


13. Shelley Duvall


14. Nell Carter


15. Bob Denver


Go to page two for the answers!

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