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Celebrity Reactions to Justin Bieber’s DUI Arrest, Ranked From Least to Most Coherent

Trick Daddy, Keyshawn Johnson, and Seth Rogen weigh in.

(Photo: Jeoffrey Maitem/ Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014)

After Justin Bieber’s shocking and completely unpredictable arrest (or was it expected and completely predictable? We can’t remember), the Twittersphere sunk its claws so deeply into the story that even the semi-elite had to put in their two cents. So, as a social service that we can’t imagine won’t be beneficial for every single person on God’s green earth, we’ve ranked these celebrity reactions on a scale of coherency from 0-4 Buseys (the most standard measure of coherency).

4 Buseys: Trick Daddy

Topping out at 4 Buseys - the most impressively incoherent of all - is Miami-based rapper Trick Daddy, who has quite the conspiracy theory on the arrest. Trick is going to break this thing wide open; even if it goes all the way to the top.

3 Buseys: Scooter Braun

Just slightly more coherent is this post from Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun. Maybe a direct message or even just a text to his client would have been slightly more meaningful (read: less attention hound-y). But we’re sure Justin appreciated it when he used the designated prison Twitter-compatible device and checked his feed.

2 Buseys: Keyshawn Johnson

The idea is close to coherent, but someone needs to communicate to Key that Bieber is a worldwide pop sensation whose whereabouts are known pretty much all the time. So when they “finally caught him” it’s a little less like the takedown of Jesse James than you are making it sound.

1 Busey: Eric Dickerson

Very close to coherency, but just delighting a little too much in the downfall of a 19-year-old Canadian teen idol.

0 Buseys: Seth Rogen

Well said.

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