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China's First (and Hopefully Last) Wankathon

Really, really NSFW (unless you work for us).

Here in America, it often seems like China is the land of really weird shit. And now that we know about the country's first annual Wankathon, held this past weekend, we are positively certain of it.

Contestants gathered for group self-caressing (if that even makes sense) in Shenzhen for the event, which, in the name of doing terrible things for a good cause, was held to celebrate safe sex in honor of World AIDS Day. Because what could be safer than standing in public, cracking off into a bucket? Sponsored by sex toy manufacturer, men covered their genitalia with orange pails to contain their bodily juices (because if that shit got on the blow-up doll, it would just be uncivilized), and went at it for as long as they could. While a winner has not yet been named, the current World Record holder is porn star Sonny Nash, who fondled himself for 10 hours and 10 minutes. We're surprised it's still attached to his body, let alone appearing in "films."

In the most disturbing video you will ever see (outside of our editor's "private" movie collection), multiple Asian men strive to protect their pervy identities by wearing deformed facial masks and staring intently at a naked blow-up doll will giant, hollow knockers. Like an apartment building filled entirely with clones of the cast of Jersey Shore, it's horrifying on just so many levels, and we can assure you that it is solely responsible for making us never want to go to China. At least, not unless they're going to give us a mask and a bucket. Good luck with this one, guys - you're going to need it.


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