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CNN Reporter Randy Kaye Did a Great Job Reporting On Colorado Marijuana Culture

Just see for yourself.

As part of CNN's "Gone to Pot" series about the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, reporter Randy Kaye spent a week in Denver learning about the different types of bud, hanging out with pot enthusiasts, and going on Cannabis Tours in a limo. Sounds like a great week! By the end of it, Kaye seemed like a regular to the toking scene. 

After interviewing his colleague about the series, fellow CNN anchor Anderson Cooper went on to feature Kaye in his "Ridiculist" segment, where he made marijuana puns about her ("I'm not taking pot shots," "a career highlight") for about two and a half minutes. Nice, Anderson! We'll see what your co-workers say about you when CNN ships you off to cover Route 36 in Bolivia. (That's the world's first cocaine bar, y'all.)

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