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Coke Zero Wants to Turn You Into a Masterpiece for Mother's Day

Win Coke Zero's "Motherpieces" contest, and an artist will paint a portrait of you for that sweet lady who made you.

Yesterday morning, I was grudgingly opening my giant pile of mail (oh, wow, season five of Small Wonder is finally on Blu-ray?!), when I came across an oddly shaped package wrapped in nondescript brown paper. I ripped it open and let out a scream, because, staring back at me, was…me! Someone (friend? Fiancée? Stalker?) had painted a beautiful—and shockingly accurate—portrait of yours truly in front of a pretty lake with two swans swimming along happily. (It kinda reminded me of the painting Joe Pesci's mom made in Goodfellas. "One dog goes one way, and the other dog goes the other way.")

Turns out the painting was a gift from Coke Zero to promote their "Motherpieces" contest for Mother's Day. Here's the deal: If you have a valid excuse for why you forgot the holiday, Tweet it to @cokezero with the #motherpieces hashtag this Sunday, May 12. The folks who send in the best reasons will have a photo of themselves transformed into a masterpiece by 10 “classically-trained” painters, which will then be sent home to mom. Got it? Good. So show your mother how much you love her by forgetting about her, then Tweeting about it. It's the American way!

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