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Come Across Anything Weird, Lately?

Here at Maxim, we know that you enjoy reading about the wacky products we feature in our We Got It In The Mail section even more than we enjoy receiving them. So if you’ve heard of (or work for) a company that makes anything mind-blowingly awesome, bizarrely sexual, or just plain terrifying, give us a shout out and we’ll try it out, or at least make an intern fiddle around with it (or, more precisely, in it). Email your strangeness to us at


Here’s a look at some of the recent items that arrived on our doorstep:

A Grow-lite for Your Head: This unnecessarily large helmet zaps frickin’ laser beams into your scalp, stimulating your lazy hair follicles to grow. Our lice used it as a dicso.

Arma Energy SNX Chips: These fluorescent orange caffeinated potato chips were as unsettling as they sound.

Que Cologne by Pork Barrel BBQ: Spritzing yourself with the scent of barbeque is sure to attract other men, dogs, and, yeah, that’s about it.

TENGA Flip-air rubber vagina: Only in looking back through all the weird, wonderful things we’ve received did we notice that we featured this product twice. Well, in our defense we featured two different models of it. Just goes to show how quickly you can suppress the memory of a rubber vagina.


And that's not even touching on the Obama-shaped dildos, bagged wine and 3D boob books we get round here...





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