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Crack is Wack!

And so are bath salts, according to this bizarre public service announcement from the U.S. Navy.


Everyone shut-up, because this is important. The United States Navy wants you to know that bath salts are really, totally bad for you, and you should not snort them because they will ruin your life. That's the message in this completely bizarre government-produced PSA.

Whatever happened to the good old days, when you couldn't do a line fry an egg without being reminded that "this is your brain on drugs"? Alas, that message was just too simple for today's meth-addled youth. Here are some other PSA fails that we managed to dig up on the YouTube website that all the kids love to watch (when they're not too busy getting high).

Ok, Pee-Wee Herman, yeah, crack cocaine IS bad for you. But maybe not worse than getting arrested for jerking off in a public theater when you're the host of a beloved children's show? It's really a toss-up.

The only thing we gleaned from this one is that Percocet is good for you! (Because it comes from a doctor. And it can make you feel better when you're feeling bad! Like asthma medicine.)

Presumably this is the one that mommy and daddy showed the kids before daddy's weird, unmarried, middle-aged brother came to town.

The Church of Scientology would like to remind you that "when they told you that if you did coke, you could party all night, they lied." Fair enough. The truth is, you can party almost all night. But you'll really need to focus on drinking, too.

In this gem from the late 1960s, the narrator admits that she "was pretty jacked up on marijuana, so she decided to try [LSD]." Yeah, babe, story of our lives. From there, it goes into great detail about her trip, which includes having an extensive conversation with a hot dog. Apparently there are also some downsides to dropping acid, but this video neglects to mention any.


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