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D is for 'Driving Dogs'

You know our dogs can talk, but in New Zealand they can drive.

If you’ve seen the Maxim dog reviews, you know our dogs can talk. We thought they were the smartest pets around, but then we got wind of this: in New Zealand, dogs can drive. Dogs can drive real cars. And when it comes down to it, would you rather have a dog that’ll talk your ear off with ramblings about licking their balls, killing squirrels, and how much they love Bill Murray, or one that you can call to pick you up from the bar? Now that’s a real best friend.

Let it be known, however, that driving isn’t instinctual to these dogs. They’re being taught how to steer, brake, and basically give all those grumpy cab drivers a run for their money by a charity that aims to promote adoption by showing how smart the pups are.

So does this mean we can send our dogs to New Zealand and then adopt them back…? Our ferrets will happily sub in for movie reviews.

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