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Is Danielle “Topanga” Fishel in the Illuminati?

Maxim investigates the (absolutely insane) claim made by one reader.

(Left: Photographed for Maxim by Brooke Nipar  | Right: Steven Puetzer/ Getty Images Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014)

Here at Maxim, we receive a steady stream of lovely and usually-coherent messages from awesome readers like you. We also, as you can imagine, receive a boatload of batshit insane tips, comments, and letters on a daily basis. Every once in a while though, we get a hot take that walks the line so beautifully that it immediately gets our attention. And Tuesday was such a day. Some names have been changed to protect people. From what, exactly, um, we’re not really sure.

The message reads (his words in italics):

Hey Maxim this is a big serious tip.

Good, we like our tips to be both big and serious. We just hope you are not kidding around.

So there's this Boy Meets World Illuminati blog that exposes the cast members for being Satan worshippers and having Illuminati symbolism. 

Bingo! You are definitely not kidding around, chief. Tell us more.

This blog is going to expose Girl Meets World episodes when the show airs on 2014.

Wow, they’ve cracked the codes inside a show that doesn’t even exist yet? They must be good.

Boy Meets World Illuminati Tumblr talked about [Danielle Fishel in] Maxim in one of their newer posts. […] This hacktivist who wears a Guy Fawkes mask…

This is absolutely shocking. Former Maxim cover girl Danielle Fishel is an Illuminati messenger!? Also, a Guy Fawkes mask? How appropriate and original!

…spreaded around a screenshot from Danielle Fishel and it's spreaded around the internet.

Wait, is this the screenshot you are referencing that’s been “spreaded around the internet?” The one where she is doing the universal sign that refers to metal music while wearing the T-shirt of a metal band? Well, if you had such irrefutable evidence why didn’t you say so sooner?

This Boy Meets World Illuminati Tumblr has been talked about by 4 other sites.

Four whole sites? Well I certainly hope they took it seriously! Hm. What? They didn't? Well, their loss!

Shay Mitchell is somehow involved in this Satan worshipping with Danielle Fishel. There's also this Pretty Little Liars Illuminati blog as well that shows evidence that Pretty Little Liars is satanic and the actors and actresses are Illuminati puppets. This PLL blog showed the connection between Boy Meets World and Pretty Little Liars doing Satan worshipping together. Michaela Blaney (who's Shay Mitchell's close friend and helps her with her blog) retweeted from the Illuminati.

You say that someone who knows someone on this show retweeted something from the obviously super-official Illuminati Twitter feed? Good god, man, you are busting this thing wide open!

This blog was updated on December 29, 2013 and there's lots of evidence. The blog even talks about Shay Mitchell in a relationship with Drake's close cousin Ryan Silverstein.

Drake is in on this too!? Say it ain’t so, Drizzy!

You have to interview everyone as soon as possible and even the producers and directors.

Even them? But they usually just want to talk about the trades.

Pass this on to as many people as possible because they might ignore you.

Really? We can’t imagine anyone would ignore information this airtight.

So if more people know and if more people ask, the higher the chance you'll find out. You should even ask and interview all the celebrities in Hollywood and ask them what they think about the Illuminati and these people.

You’re right. Janice, get all the celebrities in Hollywood on the phone, PRONTO.

You should also make articles about this.

Thanks for your service, soldier of the 99%. We will make many articles about this. In fact, we are making articles about this right now. 

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