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Dogs Wearing Pantyhose

We have no idea whether this is the most hilarious or most disturbing thing ever. We're leaning toward hilarious.

Everyone already knows that China is the birthplace of some of the most bizarre products and trends in the world. Case in point: This public wankathon, and all this insane shit. But now they've taken it to the next level with a new meme called Dogs Wearing Pantyhose.

The photo meme is rapidly taking China's Internet community by storm. Here's the gist of it: People take photos of their dogs decked out in pantyhose (and in most cases, ladies' shoes), causing them to look like canine prostitutes, and then post those photos on the Internet.

For the record, all of these dog-owners are clearly comically unfit to own pets, and if stuffing your dog into women's hosiery isn't illegal, it probably should be—especially in China, where everything is illegal anyway.

That being said...holy fuck, are these pictures hilarious or what? We can't stop looking at them. The dog on the left in the photo above appears to be roughly two minutes away from mauling its owner, while the other one looks like she's resigned to just accept that this humiliation is her burden to bear, and there's not a whole lot that she can do about it. Eventually, a pitbull somewhere is going to get really, really pissed about this, and someone is going to get hurt. But until then, we recommend googling "dogs in pantyhose" every chance you get.

Scroll down for more pics.

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