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Douchebags Throw Friend Into Shark-Infested Water As "Joke"

Friends don't feed friends to sharks. Unless you're these guys.

After setting out into the middle of the ocean on what looks like a less-than-stable life raft, a bunch of "friends" decide to throw this guy into shark-infested waters (because that's fucking hilarious, right?) The video shows the massive sea-beast nearly taking the guy's head off right as his friends decide to rein him back in. Once back onboard hilarity (and, presumably, bubbling inner rage) ensue.

Now, we've all done something stupid to get a good laugh - or if you're like Jackass star Steve-O, you've done a lot - but surely nearly getting your buddy eaten alive by a vicious killing machine is a touch too far? To instruct these fools on how pranks are supposed to work, we found some pranksters who did it right, without sacrificing anyone's limbs. Check out some of our favorites below and feel good knowing that your friends aren't the same as this guy's.

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