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Drunk Nate Silver

Play Twitter’s newest game before it gets old and overdone. Hurry!

If you’d heard of statistician wizard Nate Silver before Tuesday it was probably in regards to PECOTA, a system he developed for forecasting the career development of baseball players. Or it was because during the 2008 presidential election he correctly predicted the winner of 49 of 50 states. If you found out about him after the election results came in on Tuesday night, it was because he finally did something right and predicted the winner of all 50 states.

This mathematical genius coupled with the ability to predict the future naturally led campaign consultant Dan Levitan to wonder: what does Nate Silver do when he’s drunk?

Drunk Nate Silver is riding the subway, telling strangers the day they will die.

And, as Nate Silver may have predicted, it’s Twitter’s newest trend.

And our favorite:

More funny please.
Show me some girls.

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