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Facebook Airs It Out & 4 Other Things You May Have Missed

Photo: Mandoga Media / interTOPICS / Retna Ltd. | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013


(1) Zuckerberg is driving the Facebook train even closer to becoming the most engaged social network in the land as a new statistic hits claiming that 40% of all American’s use Facebook every day.

We hear that Zuckerberg’s 2014 goal is to go head-to-head with oxygen for “most important to human survival,” and win by a landslide.


(2) LG hosted a promotional event in Korea designed to get people excited about their new G2 smart phone by releasing balloons with free phone vouchers that would gracefully float down into the crowd.  Unfortunately, a handful of super impatient, BB gun-toting attendees began to shoot down the balloons, and in the melee 20 people were hit and had to be hospitalized.
These people just killed the learning curve of the SMART phone!


(3) First there was Houdini, then came David Blaine, and now there’s this dude with a cell phone and too much time on his hands.  Watch him get clever on Vine as he makes a child appear and disappear!

If he could make some chalupas and whiskey magically appear in the Maxim offices right now, he would be our new best friend.


(4) Brothers are often super mean to one another, but it usually doesn’t go further than dead-arms and dipping each other’s toothbrush in the toilet. This prankster from the Netherlands takes it to an entirely new level, by rotating his little brother’s room 90 degrees – literally!

What he did isn’t so bad; imagine if he had turned it 98 Degrees. That would have been an unforgivable offense. (Get it? Because 98 Degrees is the name of a shitty band? We’re hilarious.)


(5) A new study ranks the Top 25 Most Difficult Companies to Interview, using data about the torturous hiring process that prospective employees are subjected to at major corporate employers. Surprisingly, Google was only number 8, with the top spot going to consulting giant McKinsey & Co.

We make potential employees jump through hoops too—hula-hoops, that is. Whoever hulas the best wins a flaming cocktail, super-size nachos, and a crappy job offer. Congrats, dude, you’re hired!


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