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For "Fast & Furious 6", Here Are 6 Pictures Of Sprinters Looking Angry

Have we...have we misunderstood the plot of this movie? Ah well. Here are the sprinters, and what we think they're so angry about.



Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

Can't believe he forgot his favorite slippers.



Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

Still reliving the time he called his teacher "Mommy" by mistake.



Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

All realized at exactly the same time that there was only one mint and lavendar teabag left at home.



Paul Gilham / Getty Images

Finally saw the Sopranos finale and can't believe they ended it like that.



Chris McGrath / Getty Images

Just realized he forgot to ask for extra mayo on his sandwich.



Karim Jaafar / AFP / Getty Images

Still just really angry about his tiny left hand.



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