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From Watergate to Weinergate: The Best "-Gates"

This month marks the 41st anniversary of Watergate, which left a lasting stain on U.S. history—mostly in the form of silly “-gate” suffixed scandals. Here are our favorites.

Photo: Everett Collection | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013
“Execs Call Nipplegate Unbareable”
—Daily News

You know this as Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction,” when her breast was bared at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. What you don’t know is that people argued over whether to call it Nipplegate or Boobgate. What might’ve been the perfect compromise: Areolagate.
“Weinergate Limps On as Congressman Adds New Wrinkle”
—The Guardian 
Weinergate unfolded in 2011, when U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner lived up to his name and tweeted a picture of his undies-clad wiener.  Here’s hoping Congressman Poopmurder stays off Twitter.
“Toiletgate Rumbles On” 
—The Telegraph
Chess player Veselin Topalov accused his opponent Vladimir Kramnik of cheating during the 2006 World Chess Champion­ship because of his frequent potty breaks. In response officials closed the private loos, and Kramnik was so miffed by Toiletgate that he forfeited the next game and moved his bowels to checkmate. 

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