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FU, Sandy!

Everyone can get behind a beer that tells a hurricane to go fuck itself.

New Jersey hasn't had the easiest time bouncing back from the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. Not only did it destroy entire neighborhoods, but the state has had to strangle federal leaders to get the help they need to rebuild their community. And we mean "strangle" in its most literal definition, given Governor Chris Christie's "Jersey-style" reaction to Congress's inability to get anything done.

Of course, Jersey isn't just going to sit back and wait for help to decide when it's ready to come to them: One local brewery has decided to take action and prove once again that beer has the power to change the world and save humanity. The Flying Fish Brewery announced they plan to raise $50,000 for their state by selling 100 kegs of a special brew named in honor of their effort. It's a lovely sounding ale that carries a tropical aroma of "mangos and guavas," but by far its most appealing feature is its name: "FU Sandy." Now, of course, they're saying that the FU stands for "Forever Unloved," but we think we can all read between the lines here (it stands for French Underwear, right?). The beer will be available on draft starting in February, and we can't see anyone not loving everything about this whole project—aside from anyone currently serving in the U.S. Congress, obviously.

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