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George W. Bush, Artiste

The ex-president got hacked, exposing his art (of himself in the bath).

Photo: Dennis Van Tine / Retna Ltd. | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Several email accounts belonging to the Bush clan (and those close to them) were recently hacked, and the leaked images - posted at The Smoking Gun - lift the curtain on the first family of American politics. In addition to the various emails and family photos, the leak shows off 43's talents with a paint brush: it seems that when he's not clearing brush on his Texas ranch, the former president has become a budding Van Gogh. We're obviously not condoning email hacking here (although Bush himself certainly did), but it's certainly intriguing to see exactly what his interests were, subject-wise. Cattle, perhaps? Cowboy boots? The rustic simplicity of life on a ranch? No. Dubya, for reasons best left known only to himself and the finest minds the psychiatric profession has to offer, likes to paint pictures of himself bathing. The good news is that he's not displaying anything too terrible (that sort of thing is clearly best left to the likes of Bill Clinton), but this picture of himself in the shower - looking for all the world like a very nervous convict in his first communal prison shower - terrifies us in ways we're as yet unable to express.

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