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Gift Guide Editor's Pick: "Inside MAD"

Twice as pleasurable as 50 Shades of Grey, and no nipple clamps!

Image Courtesy of MAD Magazine

There are oodles of goodies tucked away in our 2013 Holiday Gift GuideOne such oodle is Inside MAD, an amazing collection of classic spoofs and essays from celebrities who got poked with MAD's razor-sharp satire sporkWhy exactly did we include this book in our annual list of the best stuff of the year? We could tell you in detail, but that'd take time and energy. So, instead, we asked MAD's Executive Editor John Ficarra to tell you for us.

6 Reasons Why Inside MAD is Featured in the Maxim Holiday Gift Guide:

1. Its pleasing rectangular shape fit perfectly into the layout.

The editor of the Holiday Gift Guide thought readers would rather see Alfred E. Neuman instead of Alyssa Milano in a bikini. [Note: That editor has been shit-canned.]

It makes the usual insipid Maxim content seem genius by comparison.

The Maxim editors have obviously blocked out all the negative reaction they got the last time they featured a MAD book.

It was a last minute fill-in when Alec Baldwin's book - Hey, Some of My Best Friends Are Gay! - was postponed indefinitely.

No one's exactly sure why, but it's probably Obama's fault.

Check out a preview of Inside MAD below - and then go buy it ($29.95 - cheap!). Click the images to enlarge.

Photo Courtesy of MAD Magazine

Photo Courtesy of MAD Magazine

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