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Governors Gone Wild!

Jindal_blog.jpgBobby Jindal, Louisiana (R)
Born Piyush Jindal, the country’s youngest governor, 37, took his name from the youngest member of a noted TV family: Bobby Brady. Other fun facts? His staff has noted that he rarely eats lunch and never seems to have to urinate. Jindal was a biology major, but supports schools’ teaching “intelligent design” (which includes the belief that Noah rode a dinosaur onto the Ark), and in 1994 he wrote an essay about a friend’s exorcism. He says it not only cast out the demon but also cured his friend of cancer. Eat it, Beelzebub!

Palin_blog.jpgSarah Palin, Alaska (R)
You lived through 2008, right? Palin inspired enthusiasm, disgust, and, hap­pily, the Hustler porno “Who’s Naylin’ Paylin’?” Since her lost VP bid, her unmarried 18-year-old daughter gave birth to a child named Tripp. (The baby’s other grandma was arrested for allegedly dealing OxyContin.) Palin officially launched her political action committee, which points to her running for prez in 2012. (Incidentally, the same year the Mayan calendar says the world will end.) The undisputed superstar of the RNC, she recently threw her beehive behind her fellow nutbag Rick Perry’s run for re-election in Texas, writing, “He walks the walk of a true conservative. And he sticks by his guns—and you know how I feel about guns.” Then, we’re assuming, she winked.

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