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Health Violations We Thought We'd See At Lady Gaga's Restaurant

Because celebrity’s families business ventures are apparently newsworthy.

Lady Gaga’s Papa’s restaurant made the news today for being hit with 42 violation points by a DOH inspector. Although that does sound extreme, would people really expect a place described as “so freaking delicious” by a woman who once wore an outfit made of Kermits to serve straight-up traditional Italian fare without a little controversy? And just to be clear, despite how ‘critical’ media outlets make these violations to be, they primarily include things like ‘the lack of hot and cold water running at adequate pressure’ and ‘a lack of hair nets.’ Anyway, here are five so-called health violations we would’ve flat-out expected going into the place:

Employees caught wearing the Tuscan Bone-in Rib-eye prior to serving.

Traces of Lady Gaga’s Barcelona vomit found in Aunt Josephine’s Meat Lasagna.

Joanne’s fish of the day is actually incubated in a giant egg 72-hours before serving.

Calamari is grilled over a flaming bra, constituting an obvious fire hazard.

Eggplant Parmesan is actually a lamb shank cross-dressing as a vegetarian option.

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