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Here Are the 5 Grossest YouTube Videos We Could Find

Perhaps you’ve heard about the popular new trend of teens literally snorting condoms on YouTube—or, “The Condom Challenge,” as it is known. But when it comes to disgusting things the Internet has to offer, that’s really just the beginning. Here are five of the grossest YouTube videos we could find.


The Condom Challenge

Ah, America’s youth: when they’re not busy skateboarding and doing graffiti, they’re sticking condoms up their noses and pulling them out through their mouths in order to broadcast it all on YouTube. Seriously, kids, there are so many better things you can put up your nose do with a condom, but if you continue to spend your days like this, you’re never going to find out what they are.


Gigantic Cyst Popping

You know that satisfying feeling you get from popping a huge pimple? Well, once you’ve seen this, you will never want to do that again. The gentleman in this video has a cyst the size of an undeveloped twin on his back, and some poor woman who couldn’t possibly be getting paid enough for this shit is tasked with manually draining it, while his friends gleefully videotape the whole thing. Dude, maybe next time you have a medical procedure in some kind of weird hut, don’t invite those guys to watch. They are dicks.


Eating a Rotten Frog

Meet YouTube personality FoodForLouis. He takes pleasure in filming himself eating the most sickening, revolting things you could ever imagine, and then posting the footage for all the world to see.  From cow bile to raw deer penis, nothing is off limits. In this edition, he eats a rotting frog carcass that he found floating in some cesspool of a river. Will it make him sick? Yes. Does he totally deserve whatever he gets? Absolutely.


Eating a Live Squid

Moving right along from decaying amphibians, in this next video some dummy eats a gigantic live squid—and not because he’s stranded on a desert island with nothing but a volleyball named Wilson, dying of hunger. This guy does it in a restaurant in South Korea, and it’s completely on purpose. Suffice it to say that the only thing grosser is probably the footage from his visit to the bathroom later on.



Ever had the sensation that there might be bugs crawling beneath your skin?  Well, unless you’ve been afflicted with bot-flies, then you have no idea what that would really feel like. But this guy does!  His back became infested with larvae after a trip to Central America, and in this clip his pal attempts to remove the worm-like beast from his flesh with a pair of tweezers.

Note to self: Never go to Central America, South Korea, that weird cyst-popping hut, a teenager’s house, or really, anywhere outside of Manhattan.

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