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How Much For That Murder Weapon in the Window?

Killy OJ Simpson supposedly takes a stab at making millions off the knife that iced his wife.

Photo (knife): Theo Hawkins / iStockPhoto | Licensed to Alpha Media Grop 2012

A "close source" to OJ Simpson told the National Enquirer that the locked-down former jock is looking to sell the knife that sliced and diced his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her pal Ronald Goldman. The source claims that Juice hid the 5-inch blade somewhere in the Bahamas and will make it available to the first massacre-loving moneybags who deposits $5 million in an offshore account.

While our bullshit detector is firmly pinned in the red on this story, it does make us wonder if OJ could really haul in that much blood money for the actual murder weapon, and what price other infamous items could fetch on the open market. Let us know in the comments how much you'd be willing to pay to possess these nefarious knickknacks:

Bill Clinton's cigar

Tonya Harding's pipe

Lorena Bobbitt's knife

Joey Buttafuoco's mullet

Paris Hilton's night-vision goggles

Arnold's maid's feather duster

Janet Jackson's Super Bowl nipple pasty

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