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How to Talk to Your Hippie Uncle About Pete Seeger's Death

This won't be easy for the poor guy, so please follow these five simple steps.

Photo: CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014

It's been a rough week for aging baby boomers. First, news breaks that, after 39 years of marriage, Captain & Tennille are getting a divorce. Now, we learn that legendary folk singer Pete Seeger has passed away at the of 94. But not to worry; we're here with a fool-proof plan to keep your patchouli-scented hippie uncle from shedding too many tears into his organic quinoa. Listen up, man.

Step One: Familiarize yourself with Pete Seeger.
We recommend studying his Wikipedia page and then watching him perform his seminal peacenik anthem, "If I Had A Hammer."

Step Two: Call your hippie uncle.
Okay, so he still hasn't gotten a cell phone…but you remember his landline number, don't you? 
Step Three: Tell him some good news first.
Let him know that it was just announced that Denver County will be adding cannabis contests to its 2014 summer fair. That'll put a smile on his face!

Step Four: Drop the bomb on him.
Go slowly. Tell him that the man was a staggering 94 years old, and that his musical legacy will live in the hearts of peace-loving folks forever. Also, it couldn't hurt to mention that he outlived that jerk Nixon by two full decades.

Step Five: Let the healing begin.
Tell him you're looking forward to smoking a doobie with him in your grandparents' garage next Thanksgiving.*

*You don't actually have to do this.
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