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How The Internet Is Making Curse Words Boring

Can we agree that adding the word “fuck” to otherwise unremarkable phrases doesn’t make them interesting?

Over the past few years, the Internet has fallen in love with the thefuckingweather, whatthefuckshouldimakefordinner, thugkitchen,and other sites that present basic information with - gasp - curse words. For a while, this was cute. Commercial media can be tediously sanitized (just imagine Al Roker cursing and try not to feel uncomfortable), and seeing this aggressive, yelling tone attached to stories mostly associated with such examples of banal purity as Martha Stewart was a breath of fresh fucking air. But man, it is getting old.

What the Fuck Should I Drink? Probably the same things I would regularly drink.

Wherethefuckshouldigotoeat? Hopefully somewhere where they won’t scream at me.

Lookathisfuckinghipster? Okay…is it like looking at a regular hipster?

Lookathisfuckingjuggalo and lookatthisfuckingcorgi? Sure, just please stop yelling.

“YOU'RE DAMN SKIPPY” and “DON’T BE A BITCH” and other shrieking demands plastered over otherwise innocuous pictures of cupcakes doesn’t make those cupcakes look any tastier. So, please, for the love of the Internet – Stop. Doing. Things. Like. This. But, okay, fine…some of them are still pretty funny.

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