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Jim Carrey Causes A Virtual Riot, And 4 Other Things You May Have Missed!

Social media commentator Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending this week. [Mar 23 – Mar 29]


(1) Jim Carrey has uploaded controversial satire in the form of a new video on that tackles the subject of guns in America via a musical number.

There are people who think this is funny, and there are people who are calling for Carrey’s head… never has the title "funnyordie" been so literal.


(2) They have finally created a dude version of Pinterest with, where guys don't pin, but nail, cool dude-esque things they can share with other like-minded people, namely, dudes.

Finally, a totally manly social community! I've checked it out and already found some recipes to die for, fabulous home decor ideas, and been turned on to the hottest fashion trends for this... hey, wait a minute...


(3) Google+ announced that as a new option for profile pics, people can use an animated GIF as opposed to just a still picture.

I tried to use Jon Hamm’s penis as my GIF, but it just didn’t look natural.


(4) Tilda Swinton turned sleeping into an art form by putting a bed and pillow in a glass case at the MOMA in NYC and sleeping while people watched.  

Wow, a public spectacle that spans days with no apparent pay-off but gets a ton of press attention… your move, David Blaine!


(5) Pro Golfer Sergio Garcia got into a bind when his golf ball got wedged ten feet up in a tree. He did what any athlete would do and climbed the tree to make the shot. Surprisingly, the ball actually landed right in the middle of the fairway.

If the ridiculous pants haven't already made golf a goofy non-sport, than perhaps making a shot from a tree with one hand while not looking will!


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