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Kanye and Kim "Love" James Franco and Seth Rogen's New Video

Breaking news! Apparently, Kanye West can laugh at himself!

In a shocking development, it has come to light that Kanye West does in fact have a sense of humor about himself. Just yesterday, James Franco and Seth Rogen released a shot-for-shot remake of the rap god's latest video, "Bound 2", which features Yeezus riding a motorcycle with his naked big-bootied baby mama draped all over him. Naturally, the video went viral (fans apparently can't get enough of Rogen's hairy shoulders), but far more amazing is the fact that K&K claim to have loved it! 


A friend of the rapper told that Kanye feels that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. “He’s getting to a point now where he expects this type of shit to happen,” the source said. “He knows it's coming. When it stops, that’s when the problems and the influence ceases to exist. He’s come into the mindset where [he] welcomes all the critics and criticism and all the nonsense.”

How well did Franco and Rogen nail the video? See for yourselves: