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Kid [plus] Chocolate [plus] Maxim [equals] Win

We get a lot of weird submissions from our readers (seriously, ma—stop sending in my naked baby photos), but we got one today that totally blew our minds. 

Meet Braden.

Contrary to what you may think with his face all covered in chocolate and all, he actually has slightly better eating habits than our editorial staff. 

The photo comes from Kerrie in San Diego, CA who told us how it came into existence: "My son just turned 1 this past weekend and my neighbor thought it would be funny to give him the latest issue of Maxim. A bunch of us were standing around him while he was eating his cake and my father thought it would be funny to place the magazine next to his high chair. I took a picture and it is priceless."

When I was a kid, Dr. Seuss was the best thing going. Kids have it so much better these days.

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