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Lady Gaga, The Olympics, and Gold: Outer Space Is So Hot Right Now

We take a trip into the great beyond.

(Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures)

You want to know what’s really trending, Twitter? The final frontier. With the news that Lady Gaga will blast off into space for a 2015 performance, we can finally say that we’ve reached the finish line of the Space Race, and the winner is nobody. The former Maxim model will perform from a Virgin Galactic ship, and people are already asking the important questions.

Whatever she does wear, she should bling-up in homage to the newly received scientific theory that gold was delivered to us via meteorites back in the day. Like more than 3.8 billion years back in the day. The theory stems from the fact that the iron core of the earth, which was sunk down below the surface about 4.5 billion years ago, would have dragged all of our gold (and therefore all of our “swag” with it) below the surface, never to be seen again. Instead, the gold was delivered by some particularly fly meteorites on top of the earth’s surface, for us to pan and eventually kill each other over.

On top of those golden showers and sending the aliens our weird brand of art-pop, the Ruskies also sent the Olympic torch to the International Space Station today to take a little space walk. The torch will not be lit (in case you haven’t heard, space crafts and fires are not the best of pals) and will return on Sunday night, just in time to watch the Walking Dead. Russian astronaut Mikhail Tyurin is quoted as saying, "It's a great pleasure and responsibility getting to work with this symbol of peace.” Great job, Russia. Now let’s work on the blatant human rights violations and we’ll be all set. 

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