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Late Night Goes Topless, and 4 Other Things You May Have Missed


Social media commentator Keith Fenimore takes his shots at what’s been trending this week. [March 30 - April 5]


(1) Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon let their emotions fly in a musical number professing their respect and solidarity toward one another as The Tonight Show baton is about to be passed from one to the other.



Conan O’Brien must be turning over in his Late Night basic cable grave… not because Jimmy’s getting The Tonight Show, but because while all this is going on, he’s been relegated to getting naked and doing sketches in a public bathroom... poor guy (single tear).  




(2) Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice got the boot after this video was released showing him flying off the handle, abusing his players by cursing at them, pushing them, and launching basketballs at their heads.


Hey, Germany, this is the USA calling, hope all’s well… so, we’d like to trade you one enthusiastic coach named Mike Rice for Justin Bieber’s quarantined monkey. We thought about it, and it seems like a fair trade. Call us back to arrange the swap. Danke! Love, America.


(3) First - and by ‘first’ I mean last week - there was the Hadouken meme, in which people reenact being hit by fireballs and lightning in photos. Now, a whole 168 hours later, I would like to introduce Vadering. Vadering is when people mime being choked-out by Darth Vader.

Let’s one up this shit: I challenge Shaun White to strap on the board and attempt a reverse Vader into a double Hadouken...blindfolded! Stick it!


(4) Production for the new iPhone 6 has begun, and in usual fashion, Apple is being tight-lipped about the highly anticipated features of the new phone. But there are already many theories already floating around.

You think you're so smart, Apple, but I know what you're up to - I broke the code! The new iPhone 6 comes out in 2014, and when you add 2014 to 6 you get 2020. 2020 represents perfect vision. Hindsight is 2020, meaning to look back and see clearly what you should have done. Get it? What Apple is saying is…you should've bought an Android.


(5) In this precious Star Wars spoof, a memorable scene from the movie is retold by little kids. Their voices are dubbed into a parody of the scene, which is acted out by adults. It'll make more sense if you just watch it - here’s Star Wars: The Rescue.



This video is 3:47 minutes long - add another 67 minutes, and a hundred bucks says it would still be more magical at the box office than The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.

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