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Letterkenny Problems: Canada’s Best New Comedy Export

The height of Canadian comedy… is actually really, really good!

This sketch, courtesy of Play Fun Games Pictures, is part of the "Letterkenny Problems" series on YouTube. Taking place in the small town of Letterkenny, Ontario, the show is full of Canadian colloquialisms, farmer talk, and other weird shit that you don’t really understand but somehow it’s like Trailer Park Boys and Kids in the Hall knocked up a farm girl and made a beautiful hilarious baby with several genetic abnormalities.

And even though the series is from our friendly neighbors in the north, feels culturally alien, and contains opaque slang only Canadians will probably get, "Letterkenny Problems" doesn’t get lost in translation. Because are hockey bros in Canada all that different from lacrosse bros in America? Apparently not!

So start watching these dudes now before they get their own Comedy Central show that’s really good but nobody watches and gets canceled after one season and then 20 years later everyone is like, “Fuck that was such a good show, why did they cancel it? Why were our parents such loser assholes with poor taste?” and then it comes back on Netflix. 

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