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Library Offers Free Pole-Dancing Classes.

Because it's not like you're going to go there to read. 

Libraries are a dying institution, filled with bound pages that you have to borrow, lug around, and then return. Or, in other words, it's a really heavy, inconvenient internet. But Mayfield Library in Midlothian, Scotland, found the key to reviving this ancient institution…by replacing the books with pole-dancing.

Well, they didn't technically replace the books — they just added free pole-dancing classes for their annual "Love Your Library Day," which aims to encourage communities to use their local libraries. In addition to the pole-dancing, Mayfield Library also offered Scottish country dancing, head massages, and "booky table tennis," in which players use books in place of paddles. See, books aren't totally worthless!

Reading, though? Pssssh. That's what the internet is for. 

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