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Man Recreates The 1960s “Batman” Theme With Real Bat Noises

Oh, right, like you did anything more worthwhile with your weekend.


You know how it is – you’re in Germany, it’s a Saturday night, your roommate’s passed out and you’ve already doodled two dicks and a Mario mustache on his sleeping face, when you think: "Instead of going to bed, what I should really do now is recreate the theme tune to a classic TV show with animal noises!" Few of us ever follow-up on this noble endeavor, however, and those of us that do fail to do so with such dedicated strangeness as one Ulrich Seidel of Erfurt, Germany. The Bat-fan recreated the entire theme tune to Batman using nothing but genuine bat-screeches, which is already impressive, but consider this: Like dog whistles and the phrase, “I think you’ve had enough to drink,” bat screeches are inaudible to the human ear! That means that Seidel painstakingly converted all the sounds to one our ears are able to process, assigned each to a key of his trusty keyboard, and played the tune. The end result…well, the end result sounds like the Batman theme, only screechier and 1000% more like the noise in our brains when coming down from a particularly grueling Ketamine high.



Now, we’re impressed, but honestly, the whole thing left us wanting more. Mr. Seidel, we challenge you to recreate the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme using only turtle noises. It just makes sense: After all, Donatello does machines, and we all know that turtles make the best noises when they’re “doing” things.


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